One Smile

Written by Cindy Mckinley, Illustrated by Mary Gregg Byrne
Published 2002 by Illumination Arts Publishing Company, Bellevue WA,
ISBN 0-935699-23-6
“When a child smiles at a stranger, she sets off a chain of kindness that eventually comes full circle.” Library of Congress Synopsis

Gold Medal, Benjamin Franklin Award: Children’s Picture Book, 2003
Finalist: Best Children’s Book, Coalition of Visionary Resources, 2003

“Another fantastic children’s book published by Illumination Arts! A touching story with eye-catching pictures makes this a great pick for children.”
Lisa, Book Review Cafe

“This lovely book is filled with richly detailed illustrations by Mary Gregg Byrne. The story follows a young girl’s innocent smile as it starts a chain of selfless giving that ripples throughout the entire community.”
Concepts, Book & Music Reviews

“This beautiful book for children is filled with detailed watercolor illustrations that add a dreamlike feel to the book. Each page flows from one “pay it forward” message to the next: all stemming from a little girl’s smile.”
Jennifer LB Leese

Too Many Murkles

Written by Hiedi Charissa Schmidt, Illustrated by Mary Gregg Byrne
Published 2004 by Illumination Arts Publishing Company, Bellevue WA,
ISBN 0-9701907-7-8

Silver Medal, Benjamin Franklin Award: Children’s Picture Book, 2005

“What wonderful transformations can happen in our lives when we stop fussing about what life has dealt us and start seeking the unexpected gift in every problem!

That’s the premise of “Murkles,” a story about a village plagued by these odd, smelly creatures. Small wonder the townsfolk want to keep them out. But an observant, tenderhearted girl named Juliana lets a Murkle slip through and do what it seems born to do. As a result, the Murkle is transformed, the air is filled with the scent of orange blossoms, and the villagers are delighted. Similar scenarios happen with a flowering plant that threatens to take over the town’s pristine lawns, and a dull gray bird that can’t be got rid of. When Juliana again persuades the mayor to let these creatures have their way, the town is vastly enriched as a result. The message is simple yet profound: individuals blossom when they’re allowed to sing their own unique song. And all who think that many of Earth’s creatures are expendable or unnecessary may have a change of heart. Exquisite illustrations bring the village and its unusual occupants to life.”
Dawn Matheson

“ From the scarlet firestars that strangely appear on the villagers’ perfect lawns, to the odd looking birds that swoop down to snatch those firestars- bright colors leap from this book’s pages. Each scene is perfectly pictured and could almost tell the story to a small…”
Huntress Book Reviews

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